OOS Affiliated Vendors

This list of vendors includes member vendors, membership partners and participants at our Orchid Show and Sale.  We encourage you to support these vendors as they have been so gracious to support the Oregon Orchid Society.

Ahtanum Orchidsshow vendor
7609 McCullough
yakima, WA  98903
Email: ahtanumorchids@hotmail.com
Web: ahtanumorchids.com

Barrick’s OrchidsMember Vendor
Brad & Judy Barrick
12591 S. New Era Road
Oregon City, OR 97045
(503) 657-5664
Email: bbarrick@compuserve.com
By appointment
Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas, and misc.

Botanica Ltd.Show Vendor
Missoula, MT
Email: billn@bresnan.net
Web: botanicaltd.com
Specializing in species orchids of Africa

EcuageneraShow Vendor
Via a Cuenca Km. 2 1/2 – Sector Llampasay
Gualaceo – Azuay- Ecuador
593-7-2255237 (overseas call!)
Email: sales@ecuagenera.com
Web: ecuagenera.com
Rare and hard to find South American species orchids direct from Ecuador

Equaflora-A - show vendor

Equaflora-A is a Commercial nursery that is devoted to growing a variety of orchids, as well as a wide variety of tropical plants, from the families of Aracea, Bromeliacea, Gesneracea, Begoniacea, Polypodiacea and more, as well as plants suitable for terrariums , vivariums , paludariums, etc.
contact glbculture@gmail.com
Web: www.equaflor-a.com.ec

Greg Nielsen - Member vendor
Email: airplantman@comcast.net

Olympic Orchids - show vendor

Oscar Allen NurseryShow Vendor
(mailing address:)
581 Lancaster Dr. SE, Suite 225
Salem, OR, 97317
Email: web@oscarallennursery.com
Web: oscarallennursery.com
Rare tropical plants: Bromeliads, Orchids, Antheriums and Staghorn Ferns

Leonard Gines - show vendor

Recently relocated to Mulino from Hawaii these seasoned growers have a variety of orchids sure to peak your interest from bulbophyllums, vandas, cattleyas and species.

Woodland Way NurseryShow Vendor
Oak Grove, OR
Hardy Orchids for your garden!