2020 Orchid Show and Sale

The 77th Oregon Orchid Show and Sale

Presented by the Oregon Orchid Society
The 2020 Oregon Orchid Show and Sale will celebrate the 75th anniversary of our society. We will have breathtaking displays and arrangements of orchids in full bloom. There will also be seminars and vendors with orchids from around the world.

It will be held on April 25-26, 2020 in Aquinas Hall at:

340 NE Clackamas St
Portland, OR  97232

This is 4 blocks north of Oregon Convention Center, and two blocks from the MAX line.



Botanica Ltd

Possibly the ONLY orchid vendor anywhere that focuses on orchids from Africa, it’s always great to have Montana’s Botanica close to home at our orchid show in Portland.

Ecuagenera Ltd.

Joining us all the way from Cuenca, Ecuador, Ecuagenera brings rare and unusual South American species orchids. If you’ve been growing orchids for any length of time you will know that it is a special treat to have the opportunity to buy directly from Ecuagenera.


Equaflor-A is a Comercial nursery, that is devoted to growing a varity of orchids, as well as a wide varity of tropical plants, from the families of Aracea, Bromeliacea, Gesneracea, Begoniacea, Polypodiacea and more, as well as plants suitable for terrariums , vivariums , paludariums, etc.


Griffin Mountain Orchids

Griffin Mountain Orchids specializes in Masdevallia orchids. We have a thriving hybridizing program producing vigorous plants with vibrant blooms. We also outcross species Masdevallia to keep those plants in cultivation to prevent the need for wild population collection.


Leonard Gines

Leonard Gines is a senior AOS judge and recently moved to Portland from Hawaii. He was a past Chair of the Hilo AOS regional judging center. Since 1981 he ran a commercial orchid greenhouse (Gines Orchids ) until retiring last year. He now rents a greenhouse in Mulino with just enough orchids to keep busy a few days out of the week.

Olympic Orchids

Bringing us orchid species including a variety of affordable seedlings to choose from, Olympic Orchids also has their own orchid-scented soaps and perfumes for sale.

Orquidas Amazonicas

A family business that is dedicated to the cultivation, production, commercialization and export mainly of Peruvian orchid species, as well as other ornamental plants such as bromeliads, ferns, heliconias, Anthuriums, among other groups of plants.

Oscar Allen Nursery

Not only specializing in orchids, Oscar Allen offers a wide variety of high-quality, hard to find tropical plants including orchids, bromelliads and anthuriums.

Specialty Orchids
Specialty Orchids  

Recently relocated to Mulino from Hawaii these seasoned growers have a variety of orchids sure to peak your interest from cymbidiums, odontoglossums, miltionopsis, Brazilian miltonias, vandas, cattleyas and species.

Members of the Oregon Orchid Society

Perhaps some of the best deals you can find anywhere on orchids are from local hobbyist growers – and often some very rare finds are hidden here.


Orchid repotting available all day, both days at $1 per pot inch diameter.
Saturday, April 25, 2020 Sunday, April 26, 2020
10am – doors open 10am – doors open
11am – Seminar: Orchids 101 11am – Seminar: Orchids 101
1pm – Demonstration: Orchid Repotting 1pm – Demonstration: Orchid Repotting
3pm – Seminar: Growing Under Lights
5pm – Doors close 4pm – Show’s over – see you next year!