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Oregon Orchid Society 2014 Photo Contest
Rules of Entry


2013 Oregon Orchid Society Photo ContestThe Oregon Orchid Society announces an electronic photo contest in conjunction with its 2014 Orchid Show and Sale, to be held April 26-27 at the Ambridge Event Center, 1333 NE Martin Luther King Blvd., from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • The contest is open to EVERYONE except for show photo committee judges and professional photographers. Photo subjects are orchid plants and orchid flowers that have been photographed by the submitter since January 2008.  Membership in the Oregon Orchid Society is NOT a requirement to participation (though we’d love it if you joined!).
  • Limited image modifications are allowed but are limited to effects that could be obtained through using optical lens filters. Watermarks, signatures or copyright notices MUST be removed prior to submission. Elements or objects not in the original scene should not be added or removed.
  • Each photographer may submit up to 5 electronic photos in .jpg format. Each file submission size should be no larger that 7 MB, and have a resolution appropriate for an 8×10 print.
  • Email entries to the Oregon Orchid Society at before 12 midnight, Wednesday, April 16th.   Sorry, but no photographic prints can be accepted.
  • Each email entry must include the photographer/submitter’s name, address, and telephone number. The approximate location and date of the photograph and the botanical name of the plant(s), if known, should be included.
  • Entries will be displayed during the show. Prior to the show, the OOS photo committee will judge entries on the basis of originality, photographic quality, and composition.  OOS Society membership will not result in preference by the judges.
  • First, second, and third place prizes will be awarded. Winners will be announced at the Show Saturday, April 26th.  Entrants need not be present to win; winners will be notified by email or other contact information.
  • All entries may be used by the Oregon Orchid Society, which may, at its discretion, copy, edit, publish, use, adapt, and/or modify entries in any manner, in any and all OOS media, without limitation.  The OOS will not sell or distribute photo entries to third parties. Submitters do not relinquish rights to use their photos in any way.
  • Questions? Email the OOS photo committee chair at

Good luck!

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