Due to the continued risk of COVID-19, we will continue to meet via Zoom. Registered members will receive the Zoom meeting invitation to the meeting by email several days prior to it. If you are not yet a member but would like to join, contact the vice-president by the email noted on our Contact Us page.   

Thank you for your understanding


OOS Monthly Zoom Meeting – Jan 20, 7:00PM
Speaker: Dave Sorokowsky – Novelty Paphs
Plants: Paph Paradise Orchids


OOS Monthly Zoom Meeting – Feb 17, 7:00PM
Speaker: Thomas Mirenda – Abbondanza: The Bountiful Orchids of Sicily
Plants: Island Sun Orchids


OOS Monthly Zoom Meeting – Mar 17, 7:00PM
Speaker: Kelly McCracken – Miniature orchids
Plants: High Desert Orchids


OOS Monthly Zoom Meeting – Apr 21, 7:00PM
Speaker: David Edgley – Novelty Phalaenopsis
Plants: To be announced



Schedule for more of 2021 will be updated soon


Normal meeting place, when we can physically meet:
Siena Hall, Holy Rosary Catholic Church
375 NE Clackamas St.
Portland, OR 97232