Mark Your Calendar: the next Annual Oregon Orchid Show & Sale is September 24-25, 2022 in Portland, OR

About Us

We are a group of people both new to orchids and those with many decades of experience that have the goal of promoting the orchid and orchid-growing in Portland, Oregon and the Portland metro area.  For over 65 years, the Oregon Orchid Society has sought to share the love of orchids with Portlanders and those throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Located in the heart of Portland, we meet at the Siena Hall in the Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Portland every third Wednesday of the month and our show, a Portland tradition since 1948, is the Largest Orchid Event in Portland and the Pacific Northwest.

Our goals are summarized as CONSERVATION, CULTIVATION and EDUCATION. Our aim is to be a resource to the Portland community.

We partner with a number of orchid conservation groups: the Orchid Conservation Alliance, Orchid Conservation Coalition, Orchid Digest, GROWISER Orchid Preserve and the American Orchid Society.  These five groups work hard to preserve orchid habitat in Oregon and around the globe. Membership in the Oregon Orchid Society supports these conservation groups.

Orchids are phenomenal plants and we want to inspire more people in Portland (and beyond Portland) to appreciate orchids and be able to grow the orchids that are best for them. We don’t have a vested interest in SELLING you orchids, since we‘re not specifically a group of orchid vendors, but we would love to help facilitate your finding the right orchid and knowing how to grow it happily.

We give regular seminars on various orchid topics at local Portland plant nurseries and at other plant societies in the Portland area.

We’ve also published three books on orchids:

Your First Orchids and How to Grow Them – This book has been carried by orchid vendors, societies and botanic gardens across the country. We aren’t saying this to toot our own horn, but we think it’s still one of the best “how to” orchid books on the market.

The Orchidist’s Lexicon – If you’ve ever wondered how to pronounce that strange name on your orchid’s tag, or you’ve wanted to know more about how orchids are classified, this book is a must-have.

Native Orchids of Oregon – With color pictures and thorough descriptions of Oregon’s native orchids, this book will open your eyes to the many, unique orchids that you might not have known Oregon boasts as endemic.

Our affiliation with and membership in the American Orchid Society (AOS) dates back to our founding and we are one of the longest-standing AOS-affiliated societies in the United States.  We have been awarded the Distinguished Affiliated Societies Service Award (DASSA) by the AOS.

If you are a nursery or plant-oriented group/society anywhere within reach of Portland and would like to have a presentation for your group, please let us know.  Just email us at  We have lots of presentations we’ve given over the years – all of which have been well recieved.  A short list includes:

Orchids 101
Orchids as Houseplants
Repotting Orchids (repotting demo)
Repotting Orchid Class (hands on)
Growing Orchids Under Lights
Orchids for Your Garden
Orchids and the History of Orchids in China
Mounting Orchids
The Art of Orchid Flasking
Orchid Growing in Indonesia
Colombia with the Orchid Conservation Alliance
and more…