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Orchid Finder

Our orchid finder is intended to find tbe most appropriate orchid for your growing conditions and your taste. Start off by choosing from the following required options:

If you have a greenhouse it is assumed that you have the ability to put your orchids in any light situation (high or low light). "Under Grow Lights" assumes T5 lighting and includes all but the highest light requirements. If you grow in a window, select the window direction.
Skill Level:
More than your perceived "Skill Level", this selection is really to determine how much you know or how much time you will spend looking up how to grow your orchid. If you have questions about growing your orchids you can always email us with your questions. Choose "Easy" if you don't want to email us at all!
It is important to know the distinctions between these categories. "Cool" orchids usually don't want to go over 80°F but more importantly, cool growing orchids need a cool drop either nightly or seasonally. For orchids usually categorized as cool, they like a nighttime temperature of around 55°F. They can usually handle, and may enjoy, lower temps. Warm growing orchids don't tolerate this and will suffer if below 65°F anytime. "Intermediate" orchids usually have a higher tolerance for both high and low temperatures.
Water requirements are highly variable. You must consider WHERE you're growing. In more humid environs (such as a greenhouse), watering will be less. In the home watering will be more important as humidity will be lower. Of course, what you pot your orchid in will make a difference. So this option is somewhat variable. The search results are based on growing in the home.


Light Availability (Choose One)?

Indoor: North or East Window
Indoor: South or West Window
Under Grow Lights

Skill Level (Choose One)?

Easy (hard to kill)
Moderate (follow light/water requirements carefully)
Challenging (has specialized requirements)

Temperature (Choose One)?

Warm (65°-85°F)
Intermediate (55°-80°F)
Cool (45°-75°F)
Hardy (Outdoors all year in Oregon, zone 8)

Water (Choose One)?

Daily Watering
Regular Watering (several times a week)
Weekly Watering (at the most)

You will have the most results if you submit this form with only the required options (above) filled in. If you want to narrow your results based on your taste, select from any of the options below:

NON-REQUIRED FIELDS (Note: these will LIMIT the results to the categories you select below)

Flower/Foliage (Choose all that apply)

Large/Showy Flowers
Long Blooming
Small Flowers
Many Flowers per Flower Spike
Weird/Unusual Flowers
Non-Seasonal Bloomer (can bloom any time throughout the year)
Miniature Plant
Fragrant Flowers (pleasant smelling only)
Attractive Foliage

Other (Choose either or none if it doesn't matter)

Can Be or Prefers Being Mounted
Grows in Potting Soil or Dirt