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OOS Member Speakers

As an organization with the mission of educating the greater Portland area on the subject of orchids, we have  goal of providing knowledgeable speakers to other plant-focused groups, plant nurseries and non-profits*.  If you’re interested in having a presentation at your club or business by one of our speakers, please let us know with an email:  Please indicate which presentation(s) you are interested in, in order of preference as not all of our speakers are available all of the time.  We’ll get back to you to iron out the details.

Here’s a list of available OOS member speakers and topics they’ve prepared:

Michael JenneMICHAEL JENNÉ – Michael’s experience with orchids dates back to his days getting his degree in science where he was a member of the Mary’s Peak Orchid Society in Corvallis.  He specializes in species orchids but has grown many hybrids including his first orchid, LC. Drumbeat Heritage.  He currently serves as the vice-president of the Oregon Orchid Society.

Topics Include:

  • Orchids 101 – a beginner’s guide to understanding orchids and how to grow them.
  • Orchid Nutrition – a detailed look at the nutrients that orchids need and how you can provide them – geared to beginners and advanced growers.
  • Patio Orchids – learn about orchids that can live outdoors most of the year in the Portland area.
  • Growing Orchids Under Lights – a greenhouse grower now, Michael spent many years growing under lights and will help you become successful as an indoor grower growing under lights.
  • Orchid Pests and Disease – discover how to treat and prevent disease and pestilence, keeping your orchids healthy and thriving.

Steven MeachamSTEVEN MEACHAM – Steven is possibly the Northwest’s most skilled grower of the rewarding Cypripedium orchids. He has been studying and experimenting with “Cyps” for many years. His garden is home to entire beds of these hardy “slipper orchids”.  If you have a Cypripedium, or are considering growing these wonderful orchids, Steven’s presentation will be very valuable.

Topics Include:

  • Growing Cypripediums – If you are a grower, or are considering becoming a grower, of Cypripediums or if you simply want to see some of the most incredible slipper orchids around, his presentation should not be missed.

Lori RheinbergerLORI RHEINBERGER – Lori serves as the membership chairperson for the Oregon Orchid Society and has made several television appearances on behalf of the society sharing the how tos of orchid growing and repotting. While she grows in (three) greenhouses, she is always willing and able to share the basics of orchid growing with anyone.


Topics Include:

  • Orchid Repotting – A step by step demonstration on how to properly repot orchids.
  • Orchids 101 – The basics of orchid growing.

Dick Van IngenDICK VAN INGEN – Dick has been growing orchids for decades and is an avid world traveler. His trips have included numerous orchid-centric tours. Dick has an inquiring mind and thinks outside of the box, so you can gain from his insights on orchids and orchid culture that are different than what you’d typically hear.  Dick is currently serving as the president of the Oregon Orchid Society.


Topics Include:

  • In Search of Orchids in Peru – An expedition to see what was along the road between Puerto Maldonado and Cuzco.  This “road” was in the process of being widened from one lane to two and paved, formerly dirt/mud.  This remains the only road linking the Amazonian River port in eastern (lowland) Peru to the rest of the country.  An auxiliary theme is the ecological damage caused by gold mining.  150 images.
  • Orchids of Indonesia, Or the longer title: How the Sultan of Jogjakarta and the Princess of Ubud Grow Their Orchids – This program includes a 186 images. It’s mostly about orchid culture and presentation in gardens on two densely populated islands in Indonesia, Java and Bali.
  • Orchid Conservation Alliance trip to Colombia, 2011 – This program of 153 images goes fast to finish in one hour.  It includes the large Orchid Show in Medellin, the Medellin Parade of Flowers, Orchids in the best greenhouses in Colombia and Orchids in the wild.  Some pictures are in the rarely documented Western Cordillera of the Andes, formerly a dangerous area due to the drug trade.  The environmental conditions of the Western Cordillera are what we must duplicate to grow Lepanthes and Draculas well.
  • How Costa Ricans Grow Their Orchids – Costa Ricans are proud of their national botanical treasures.  Many grow them in their homes and gardens.  This program of 70 images shows how they display their orchids.  A few of the pictures at the end show the similar theme as practiced in Brazil.
  • Lankester Gardens, Costa Rica – Lankester Gardens now run by the University of Costa Rica attempts to grow every one of the Orchids endemic to the country.  The garden displays are phenomenal and the greenhouse is chock full of their botanical treasures.  It’s interesting to see how they grow them.


Sue VolekSUE VOLEK – Sue is a long-time orchid grower and was an active member of the Washington DC orchid society before moving to Oregon and joining the Oregon Orchid Society. She has grown Cattleyas and Phalaenopsis for many years but is focusing more on Paphs and Phrags since moving to the Northwest.  Sue enjoys sharing the ins and outs of orchid growing with all levels of orchid growers.  Her repotting seminars are very well received at all of our events around the Portland area.  Sue is currently on the board of the Oregon Orchid Society.



Topics Include:

  • Orchids for Beginners – a great talk for new orchid growers covering the basics of orchid care.
  • Repotting Orchids -this is a hands-on workshop giving you the knowledge and confidence to tackle this easy but very important task for healthy orchids: Repotting.
  • How to Get Your Orchid to Bloom Again – One of the most common questions we get at our public events is “how can I get my orchid to rebloom”.  This talk will demystify the mystery!
  • What it Takes to Grow Orchids Inside Your House – Indoor orchid growing is more common these days than ever before. Growing these tropical gems can be tricky, but once you know the tricks of the trade it is easy!
  • Orchid Fact or Fiction — Or — What About That Ice Cube Watering Thing? – There are many tips floating around on how to properly grow orchids.  Some are truth and some are fallacy.  This talk will give you the bottom line on what you should and shouldn’t do.

Craig WilliamsCRAIG WILLIAMS – A probationary judge in the American Orchid Society’s judging program, Craig was an active member of the Northwest Orchid Society in Seattle before moving to the Portland area and contributing to the Oregon Orchid Society. He is an indoor grower with a passion for all things orchid.


Topics Include:

  • Complex Paphs – Complex Paphiopedilums are unique in their look and their intriguing history.  This presentation should be engaging for those that grow “bulldog Paphs” and those that don’t.
  • Growing Orchids Under Lights – Indoor orchid growers can learn from Craig who has been growing indoors for many years.  If you are growing under lights, or are considering growing under lights, Craig will have many insights for you.
  • Preparing Orchids for Show – Learn the difference between just putting your orchids in a show display and putting together a fantastic display. Whether you’re assembling a display for a show or bringing your orchids to monthly judging, Craig will share best practices!
  • OrchidWiz and AQ+ – Orchid Growing and digital technology meet with the computer programs AQ+ (published by the American Orchid Society) and Orchid Wiz.  Both programs have their advantages and Craig’s demonstration is a compare and contrast between the two programs.

Stephanie WillisSTEPHANIE WILLIS – Stephanie has been growing orchids for over 25 years and is novice hybridizer of tetraploid Phalaenopsis. She also flasks her own orchid seed and grows the resulting seedlings indoors under lights.  Stephanie has served on the board of the Oregon Orchid Society and as co-showchair of the Largest Orchid Event in the Pacific Northwest, the Oregon Orchid Show and Sale.  Stephanie’s talks are full of substance but easy to grasp for anyone.

Topics Include:

  • The Art of Flasking Orchids – this is a rare opportunity to see exactly how orchid propagation is done.
  • The Orchid in Chinese History and Culture – prepared for one the Oregon Orchid Society’s events at the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, this presentation has made several encore performances by request.


*It is our goal to provide these presentations free of cost in the Portland area but honorariums are encouraged (and the speakers have the right to require them).  Honorariums are intended to be made to the speaker (not the OOS) for their time and expense.  Beyond the honorarium, donations to the Oregon Orchid Society are also welcome, but not required.